TEArtboard 1.jpg

Branding, Collateral

The goal for Teryn Elizabeth's brand identity was to create something to accompany the artist’s paintings, to create intrigue, and to embody the heart and intention that she puts into her work. The result is a clean, sohpisticated visual language that is both organic and bold.

The organic lines were inspired by elements in Teryn’s paintings. As she is a mixed media artist, the three threads represent her three different mediums that are tied together to create her paintings. The mark, seen on the bottom right, was created by combining her letters “T” and “E”. Inspired by one of her main inspirations: aerial photography, this grid becomes a frame that can be applied throughout her brand to create a flexible and cohesive visual language. 

TEArtboard 1.jpg
Hannah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She says what she means and means what she says—delivering fantastic work on time or ahead of schedule. I appreciate her perspective and look forward to sharing her work with the world.
— Teryn, painter